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Online Corsican Honey Tasting Experience

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Discover. Taste. Enjoy and Stay Healthy

We offer you a unique experience to discover authentic Corsican honeys characterised by the rich and protected biodiversity of Mediterranean flora.  Corsica has an amazing varieties of wild and ecologically intact endemic plants from the sea to the mountains which offers its honey a strong identity with a rich pallette of flavours. Corsican honeys are recognised by two official designations of origin: the national Appellation d'Origine Contrôllée (AOC) and the European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Included in the price, you'll receive a specially wrapped parcel sent direct to your door

with 5 jars (125g each jar) of absolutely delicious raw Corsican honey.


Simply select a time that suits you to join the next Online Corsican Honey Tasting Experience; log on with Zoom (with your spouse and even kids) at your scheduled time (full details will be sent by email but it's super simple), and join us on this virtual experience! 

You will learn:

Different types of Corsican honeys 

How honey gets from the bees to jar

How to correctly taste honey and identify what is it made from 

Health benefits that will make you completely rethink honey as a new-old "medicine" food

And as a bonus you will discover a totally new and unique type of honey (rare variety, with powerful medicinal properties). 

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

  We care about rural small-scale beekeeping farmers who respect the environment and the nature!


​This quality of honey is simply not comparable with supermarket diluted blends from unknown origins. 

100% Fun, Healthy, Raw and Delicious! 



Limited to just 10 households per date, join us on Zoom for a great digital experience lasting approximately 1h30 minutes (with plenty of time for questions) that's fun, fascinating, and frankly delicious!


We'll be closing applications for each tasting experience at least one1 week before each date, to give us time to get your tasting parcel to you, so be sure to book on quickly!

Upcoming Online Honey Tasting Experiences:

Sunday 16th May 3pm (Paris time)

Sunday 23rd May 3pm (Paris time)

Please note that we send out all of the tasting parcels together in the week before your experience.

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