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Weight Management

If you are trying, you are already winning

Weight Management

Enjoy life without worrying about food

For many people trying to loose weight is a very difficult and often painful task to tackle.

Current dietary recommendations may be healthy for all but are based on population averages, which may not be suited for a given individual.

The conventional medical establishment often sees the only cause of being overweight as over-eating and continue to advocate the calorie approach to weight loss, which is rarely effective in the long term.

Of course, dramatic changes in calorie intake will shift weight, but this approach is short sighted and won’t help to manage weight long term. 

Repeated dieting can reduce the rate at which your body is able to burn food for energy (the metabolic rate). So, over a number of years it becomes more difficult to lose weight. Dieting can also lead to binge eating and mood changes. Additionally, the quest to eliminate calories by avoiding fat generally results in a deficiency of essential fatty acids, which are vital to the body’s metabolism.

My programme is designed to help you take back control without feeling deprived or hungry and be able to accept yourself. You will discover how to make sense of what your brain and body are going through, feel supported and empowered.

We may potentially run some additional tests to assess your metabolic health:

  • Full detailed body composition.

  • Metabolic evaluation at rest, which  provides a measure of fat and carbohydrate utilisation and the number of calories burned at rest. 

  • Exercise testing, to evaluate how your body burns fuel during exercise. These numbers can help you to make smart choices about different types of exercise.

  • Estimation of the heart rate range that is most effective for your body to burn fat. And you will discover the heart rate limit when your body stops burning fat as fuel.

  • Lastly, you’ll learn how to train to improve your body’s ability to burn fat more effectively. 


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