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Is it possible to manage chronic condition through nutrition and lifestyle changes?

Many diseases are a result of homeostatic imbalance, an inability of our body to restore a functional, stable internal environment.

Three main influences may cause homeostatic imbalances: 


  • Internal influences such as aging and genetics.

  • Environmental influences such as exposure to toxins.

  • External influences such as nutrition deficiencies, physical activity,

mental health , drug and alcohol abuse.

Chronic  stress is also a significant factor affecting physiological homeostasis.

Most functional imbalances can be addressed, some substantially improved (treated) and others completely returned to optimal function (healed). 

Does functional medicine rely only on food?

Functional medicine expands the physician’s toolbox beyond pharmaceuticals and surgery. It includes botanicals, supplements, therapeutic diets, exercise plans, detoxification programs, stress management techniques and much more.

Will my health insurance cover Nutritionist services?

A Nutritional Practitioner is not a Medical Doctor, so generally the insurance doesn't cover the consultation fees.

What forms of payment does CapraNutrition take?

We accept card's payments, cheques and PayPal.

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